Jane Dennison

Ms. Dennison

Jane Dennison, Music Director, holds a Bachelor of Education degree with a major in music and has been teaching music with the Calgary Board of Education for over twenty years. Jane has both accompanied and directed large groups of performers since a young age. She has had a lifelong attachment to the piano and competed for over a decade in the Calgary Performing ArtsĀ (formerly the Kiwanis) festival achieving many first and second place finishes. Jane's career highlights include a collaborative performance between her elementary choir of over one hundred students and the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra; working alongside local composers Arthur Bachmann and Tim Janz on scores for original music productions; and having the opportunity to teach in the Japanese public system for two years. In her spare time she learned how to play the Shamisen and Koto and enjoyed performing in Japanese restaurants. Jane is currently the music specialist at Nellie McClung Elementary.