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Cassa Composition (See sidebar for dates)

St. Vladimir's Cultural Centre, 404 Meredith Road NE 

This program is offered as a full day (9 am to 3:30 pm) or as a half day (9 am to noon)

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Cassa Composers

Students aged 12 to adult will create music with an opportunity to collaborate with a play. You will learn about composition and lyric writing. You will have the opportunity to write a song for Cassa Playwrights or a piece or song that could performed in the Jazz Concert Friday evening. Full-day or morning options are available.

For more information, scroll down to the questions and answers section.

Clinicians for 2019

Lorna MacLachlan

Lorna MacLachlan

Mark Limacher

Our Participants Reflect on our Programs

  • "I enjoyed learning about the blues structure and the process of composing a melody."
  • "I am really grateful for all the advice I received from all the instructors and composers. It really helped me develop my piece and my composing style."

Questions and Answers:

Am I going to learn about composing jazz? 

You will be able to sit in on the composition section of the jazz program, but if that is your main interest, then you should be in Cassa Jazz.

Am I going to learn something for a more traditional ensemble or for a band in which I play an instrument? 

If you want this kind of help, both Mark Limacher and Lorna MacLachlan are capable of instructing you. This could include Garage Band and composition tools found online.

Am I locked into doing something for a play? 

We will establish what you are interested in and will go with your preference but are hoping that you would consider adapting a prewritten piece for the play as well.

Can I simply get advice on what I’m already doing? 

Yes, you can get some private time with Linda, Derek and Mark, and if you are particularly interested in writing for a musical or popular style music, we have other sources of help as well.

What about if I’m completely new to this and just need some help to get going? 

That would be great! We can handle that. Our instructors do that with their private students and are well equipped to offer you assistance.

What background do I need? 

You need to play an instrument with a minimum matching RCM Grade/Level 6. You need to be able to read music.

How many hours are we there each day? 

You will be able to choose the 9 am to noon session or the 9 am to 4 pm session.

Is there a performance in the Jazz Concert? 

If you write a song for Cassa Playwrights and it is finished on time, it will be performed on Friday morning or afternoon by the Cassa Playwrights children. If you write a piece or song and it is ready for performance, it will be performed in the Jazz and Composers Concert on Friday evening.

What else can you tell me about this?

Mark Limacher and Lorna MacLachlan are composition majors; both have written all styles of music. Linda Kundert has produced several composers in her class, works with student composers all the time and adjudicates composition classes in festivals. Simon, a professional writer, has written lyrics for all of the PlayWriting songs for years.

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