Eight Summer Programs

We Offer Eight Exciting Musical and Arts-related Programs and a Recital

All this, plus we have a superb group of teachers. Find out more about the teachers and others who make the summer a glorious success for you. They are listed on each program page to the right of the program information. Register early and join us for a super summer! 

Every year, CASSA’s programs help students, piano teachers, theory teachers and we have a special program for those interested in learning about performing jazz. We are pleased to offer resources that are designed to be useful to you during the entire year. 

Each year the recital showcases performers who may be local or from another country. Our recitalists are usually teachers themselves and provide positive role models for all who teach or perform for a living. 

Many of our older students have been attending our pedagogy programs and jazz programs and are finding them to be a valuable addition to their summer programs. 

There is a great deal of information within our website. If you need more information on CASSA programs please call the CASSA office at 403-271-0418, or fax us at 403-278-3236 or use the contact form.

“A creative program is a good break from all the sports camps.” (parent comment)

News Updates 

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Register for Programs Early

We recommend you register now. That way you’re most likely to get a spot in your choice of program(s). Early Bird registrants also register for a reduced fee.We have Early Bird pricing in effect until May 15 except Cassa Pedagogy which is June 15.

2018 Programs and Dates (direct links to each program are available in the sidebar)

  • Cassa  Kids July  15  -  19
  • Cassa  Playwrights July  15  -  19
  • Cassa  Jazz July  15  -  19
  • Cassa  Piano July  22  -  26
  • Cassa  Recital July  21
  • Cassa  Adult  Piano July  22  -  24 
  • Cassa  Pedagogy July  25  
  • Cassa  Composers July  15-19
  • Cassa  Musical August  6,  7,  8,  12,  13,  &  14

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The operation of all CASSA programs is subject to sufficient enrollment.