Our New Web Site Works Better for You (updated)

We know that more people are using mobile devices to view sites. We found over the last year that about 40% of our viewers use phones and tablets with about two-thirds of mobile devices being mobile phone so we have updated the site to a responsive design. A responsive design will display equally well on any device from large-screen desktop and laptop Macs and PCs, to small-screen iPads, tablets and smartphones. Depending on the screen width of the device and browser being used, page elements are scaled and repositioned. 

Interesting Data

  • Over the last year 41% of our viewers used Chrome as their browser and 39% use Safari. Internet Explorer is used by just over 7% of our viewers and Firefox by 5%.
  • 74% of our mobile viewers use iOS (Apple mobile devices) as their operating system and 24% use Android.
  • 32% of our total viewers use Shaw communications as their service provider and 8% use Telus. The remainder used corporate service providers and a few were from  government service providers. It’s a very tiny percentage but 31 viewers arrived at our website through Chinanet.