Bursaries, Grants and Helping Students

Financial Assistance

Some bursaries are available each year for Cassa programs. 

We would like you to attend a program. If you need financial assistance, email the President with a written request expressing your financial need (explain your situation). We will consider how we can assist you. 

Special thanks goes to our many supporters who make this funding available. Because of donations made by people who are just like you, we have been able to assist ten to twenty participants each year; deserving and talented students who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to attend a fine arts program, not for lack of ability or desire, but because it was beyond their financial means.

Grant-in-Aid Scholarships - Apply by May 30

With our Vision Statement in mind, the Cassa Board is looking for mature students to work as assistants in Cassa Kids, Cassa Playwrights, and Cassa Musical in exchange for tuition to attend any one of the CASSA sessions. Interested participants must apply for the Grant-in-Aid Scholarship by May 30 of the upcoming summer school year.

To apply, please email the President. Decisions will be made by the Board and recipients will be notified after May 30.


 Help support a student - we appreciate any and all monetary contributions to assist students who otherwise would not be able to benefit from our summer school.

2018Donation Request Form

You may make a direct donation to Cassa by printing and mailing your donation form with your contribution to a needy student. Cassa is registered as charity 88490 6249 RR0001 under the Charitable Fund-raising Act in the province of Alberta.

For additional information on financial assistance, please contact CASSA administration.

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