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Simon Rose offers a wide variety of presentations, workshops and author in residence programs for schools and libraries, editing services for writers, plus copywriting for businesses, full details of which can be found at his website and at his blog.

In his own words, "I first met Linda Kundert of the Calgary Arts Summer School in 2005 and worked with students for the first time that summer. 2013 will be my ninth year working with the highly talented and gifted children who attend CASSA's wonderful camps each summer. I was the script editor for the 2007 and 2010 productions of Musical Theatre Showtime and introduced the Playwriting Camp in the summer of 2008.

I also work as an instructor for adults interested in writing books for children, with both the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University.

As an author of nine children's novels, plus a variety of non fiction books and articles, I visit schools and libraries across Canada throughout the year, making presentations, conducting workshops and serving as an author in residence, working with children from grades one through eight. I cover such topics as where writers get ideas from, the writing process, story structure, editing and revision, character development, time travel stories, the fantasy realm, and more. During the summer months, I make appearances at a variety of summer camps for all age ranges in the city of Calgary and the surrounding area. 

The 2016 Playwriting Camp promises to once again be an intense, interactive, exciting and above all fun-filled week of unbridled creativity, as the students learn how to write, rehearse and perform their own unique dramatic production in just five days. Students will develop creative writing skills and give full reign to their incredible imagination to conceive their own special story, under the guidance of an experienced professional. Children will create the plot, craft the script, write dialogue and hone their acting skills for their very own plays, which will then be performed at the end of the week. A sense of brotherhood and partnership will also undoubtedly develop among the students as a result of their team building during the week.

For most of the year I serve as an inspiration to children in schools in Canada, the U.S. and elsewhere, but each July I find myself inspired by the incredibly gifted and talented CASSA students with whom I have the pleasure to work. I always enjoy my time with the participants at the camps and am very much looking forward to another PlayWriting Camp this July."

Mr. Rose offers a wide variety of services for writers, along with workshops, presentations and residency programs for schools and libraries.

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- The Alchemist's Portrait 2003


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