The Power of Playwriting

Is it really possible to write, rehearse, and perform a unique play in just five days? At Cassa Playwrights we’ve done this successfully every July since 2008. It’s certainly something of a challenge, since all we have at the beginning of the week is a general theme regarding what the play will be about, along with a whole bunch of enthusiasm. 

Cassa Playwrights instructor Simon Rose and his young playwrights work on the story on the first day, with everyone participating by adding ideas and jokes that help to create a great story. The following day the children work in pairs to create the play’s different acts, based on the story idea. Simon then takes the different sections of the play home that evening, returning on Wednesday with the full script. This is usually designed so that everyone has a speaking role and feels as if they’re an important part of the play.

Some roles usually have more lines that others and of course some of the children have more confidence to handle those roles. However, just about every year the camp seems to have a profound effect on children that are usually very shy. Even those that don’t participate much as the story is being created always surprise us as they take to their role with relish. At least one set of parents are usually astounded each year that their child has gained such confidence in the course of the week. 

Cassa Playwrights is undoubtedly very intense and demanding for both the instructor and the young writers and actors. Yet it remains a wonderful and fun experience year after year and 2019 promised to be yet another successful installment. Our previous themes have included superheroes, secret agents, fairy tales, alien planets and spaceships. This year’s theme is entitled Around the World, which should lend itself to the crafting of some more great plays and even greater performances.

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